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To the person I never knew…

To the person I never knew

Im writing to you, on the day you left this world

The person I never knew

I really wish I had gotten the chance to know you, but it simply didnt work out that way

Ive known you forever, since I came out from the womb, in fact

We share DNA, we share love, we share stories

But youre still a person I never really knew

I heard stories about you

How funny you were

How handsome you were

How much people loved you

But something must have shifted, and I dont know when

Maybe it was the pain from you past

Maybe it was the pain from your present

Maybe it was all of it

I dont know,

But things shifted for you

I knew your smile for a split second, and then it went away

And things changed, and you changed.

And I never really knew you

I saw you a lot.

You came around

But I didnt know who you were

I wont lie, it never bothered me too much

It was just how it was

I would hug you, and I knew you existed

But I didnt know you

And now that youre gone

All I can think about is what I missed out on

How I wish I got to know you

How I wish you got to know me

Its a shame

Families are put together to love

But sometimes the pain pulls us apart

And I think thats what happened here

You were in pain

We are all in pain

And our pain kept us apart

I hope you know I love you. And I wish I knew you.

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