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My thoughts on morning routines

Does anyone feel like you aren’t even a REAL blogger/youtuber/entrepreneur if you don’t have some content around your morning routine??

I have seen so many different versions of morning routines and what people think is imperative for them to have a great day.

For me…I’m honestly just not so strict with the whole morning routine thing.

I have tried…I really have. But I can just never seem to stick to a really regimented morning routine. And the thing is–I’m really good at sticking to habits and routines! I mean heck, I have a whole Sunday routine I go through every week! You can read about that here.

So, let me explain my philosophy around morning routines, what a morning routine means in my world, and how I would suggest you decide what your morning routine should be.

To be clear, I think morning routines are…important.

There is something about starting your day with a solid foundation, a fresh start and a positive perspective that can’t be debated has benefits.

However, I think having this super complicated, involved, drawn out morning routine isn’t practical.

I also think we all wake up feeling different every single day. Somedays, you wake up feeling ready to rock and roll and jump right into work! Others, you might have something heavy on your mind, you may be anxious about the day, or just feel generally frazzled.

This is where I am not strict about morning routines.

I think as humans, we are smart people.

If we practice trusting ourselves, I really do think we can always check in and ask ourselves what we need at any given moment.

So, when it’s a morning where you wake up feeling super inspired and ready to get working…why would you disrupt that with a lengthy morning routine?

This is where I think power of self-awareness and choice is really important, along with general improvising.

What if it was ok to hop out of bed somedays and open the laptop…IF that feels good to you? And then after you work out that inspiration spurt, you take time to read, meditate, write, etc.? I think there is so much power in the flexibility.

At the same time, give yourself the power that if you wake up extremely anxious, stressed, uneasy, or just not motivated, you know have the tools of your morning routine to support you. How wonderful!

Me loving my time to read, write and sit outside sipping coffee in Austin, TX. I was LOVING this when I was visiting my sister! My mornings look a lot different in the cold winters of Maine now, and that is ok!

Now, a few things to mention:

In order for this more flowy approach to work, I think a certain level of self-awareness is required.

For many years, I actually didn’t see any correlation to my stress levels and the lack of self-care I had in my day-to-day life.

So, I would just have a horrible day, think it was everyone elses’ fault, and then gussle a bottle of wine to make it go away.

Eventually, I started to piece things together and see the connection. For example:

If I meditated in the morning, I generally just had a better, more manageable, peaceful day.

When I started my day off with looking at my phone/social media, I generally got frustrated or anxious first thing in the morning and then continued it throughout the day.

Ultimately, morning routines are intended to support you to have a better, happier, more peaceful and productive day. But the reality is, not one size fits all, and different days you will need different things.

So if you yourself are struggling to find a routine that works for you, or think you maybe just have commitment issues, I challenge you to stop trying to conform to that one MR you saw on youtube, and instead do this:

Start taking note of how your day goes with and without certain habits/routines.

So maybe just go about your normal day as you usually do–so maybe no regular MR, looking at your phone right away, rushing to work, etc.

Take an honest inventory of that day.

How did you feel? Were you stressed? Rush? Overwhelmed? Was it a good day? Or not so much? Just take note of how your actions made you felt. Start connecting those dots for yourself.

Same thing goes if you have a really great day!

Ask yourself, what went well? Did anything in particular contribute to that good day?

Start adding in those habits you know are good for you. Meditation. Journaling. Working out. Reading. Listening to motivational podcasts.

Maybe just try one new thing a day. Notice how that thing makes you feel.

What do you really enjoy? What not so much? Maybe one thing is more calming, where the other is more energizing?

As you start to notice the effects that different habits/routines have on your mood, you can start to put those in your daily toolbox. Wake up stressed? Meditate. Feeling lazy? Listen to Gary Vee. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

You might start to notice that some things are just good for you ALL THE TIME. For me, I know meditation will only ever make my day better. I don’t feel the need to journal everyday. But dang, meditating? It makes a world of difference. So I try to make it an every morning thing. And even then, it’s usually just 5 minutes. Five minutes is better than no minutes!

So you will probably never see me post a video or blog about my detailed morning routine, because truth be told, it doesn’t really exist. And I am finally ok with that (I think sometimes we can feel shame for not following the routines that we see uber successful people doing. But remember, you know yourself better than anyone, and so you have to decide what works for you.)

I also want to mention that this is not to say that having a super regimented routine is a bad thing. That actually might be the exact thing you need.

See, I work from home, so I have the flexibility to decide what will work for me every morning and switch things up.

I know that some of you reading may have jobs, or young kids that don’t allow you to have a ton of time, and so essentially you are being thrown into the fire quickly everyday.

I can see where KNOWING that every single day you will take 10 minutes to go through a MR could be very grounding and calming. And if that seems like something you need, to intentionally schedule that time for yourself and be strict about it, then I encourage you to do that.

Ultimately, we are responsible for knowing what we need. And so my invitation for you today is if you don’t love the way your day typically goes, and you know you could probably benefit from some sort of morning routine, to please start being intentional in exploring what that looks like for yourself.

Feel free to pop in the comments and share with me what you are going to try! I’d love to hear what you are thinking and give you any suggestions I may have!



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