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How I spend my weekends sober

Hey, everyone!

When I first got sober, the thought of how I was going to spend my weekends was daunting…

In my drinking days, weekends were spent with wine on Fridays, being hungover on Saturday morning, eating super greasy food, then aimlessly hanging around until I went out and got some drinks again (sometime in the afternoon, most likely.)

Honestly, when I was drinking, my weekends were BORING!

I did NOTHING besides drink by myself, with friends, or have a Sunday Funday (aka drinking and eating shitty food all day Sunday.)

I distinctively remember feeling restless and bored most weekends when I still drank (which seems counterintuitive, as I think we often see sobriety as the “boring” way to be.)

As I’ve mentioned before, when I drank, I had no idea what I enjoyed to do besides drink, so I had no hobbies or weekend activities. When I stopped drinking, I had no clue what I was supposed to do with myself!

Since I gave up alcohol a year and a half ago, sober weekends have become a whole new adventure to me, and I have to say…they may be my favorite part of sobriety now.

Because I no longer waste tons of time mindlessly drinking, being hungover, sleeping in and then doing it all over again, I feel like I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD FOR ACTIVITIES (totally feeling like Step Brothers right now lol.)

My sober weekends feel truly restorative, contrary to when I would go into Monday shaky, anxious and exhausted from a weekend of booze.

I thought it would be fun to show you a weekend in the life of a sober woman–how I spend my time now that alcohol is no longer a part of my life.

Spending a weekend sober was such a mystery to me when I was considering sobriety, and even after I stopped, that I thought this might be useful to anyone who is sober curious, newly sober, or has been sober for a while, but is feeling stuck!

So with no further ado, I present to you…

My sober weekend!

Let’s start with Friday…

Friday around 2:00pm: I always like to start my weekends early on Friday (because I can!) I own my own business, so I can schedule myself light on Friday so I am able to relax earlier. Most Fridays, I have almost nothing planned, so it’s like I have a three-day weekend every week!

If you own a business, I highly recommend thinking about taking an easy Friday for yourself. I simply schedule myself more heavy on the other days of the week so that I can take Friday off. It feels so nice to be able to ease into the weekend and take an early day if I want to. I own a business to have this freedom, so I might as well take advantage, right?!

If you don’t have this flexibility in your schedule, I would recommend that you make your Fridays super sacred and relaxing with the time that you do have. Cook yourself a good meal or have dinner reservations. Whatever it is, planning ahead is so important to make sure that you really honor your time off on Friday instead of crashing and burning from a long week.

This particular Friday, I went and did some errands that were more self- care/spoiling myself errands!

I wanted a new plant and a new mug, so I went out and did a little shopping before Ronnie got off work.

Here is what I picked up:

I love my new mug from Anthropologie! I am obsessed with mugs, and having pretty mugs to drink tea out of makes me feel special! When I gave up wine (and therefore pretty wine glasses,) I wanted to fill that “void” with something else, so I never hesitate to pick up a mug I love!
I also picked up this new plant baby! Starting my houseplant collection has been a fun hobby I started in sobriety. This is a Wandering Jew plant.

5:00pm: I picked up stuff for dinner, and took a walk while Ronnie started cooking.

I try to get outside almost everyday, even when it’s cold outside (in fact, I love winter walks! The crisp air and the sunlight is so beautiful.) Fresh air can truly do wonders, and I find it a great way to “wind down” much like I would try to do with alcohol.

5:45pm: Back from my walk and Ronnie is cooking up homemade burgers!

We did them up with all the fixings, plus rosemary fries and then pudding parfaits for desert!

You don’t have to go out or spend tons of money to have a nice dinner. We usually cook in and I actually prefer it. After traveling full-time for over a year, we are pretty sick of eating out.

7:30pm: Get in pj’s, get cozy on the couch and watch Broadchurch on Netflix (this show is sooooo good!)

Sometime around 10:30-11pm: Go to bed!


7:30-8am: Wake up (not hungover!!!!) I do not miss feeling hungover AT ALL. It’s the best feeling in the world waking up on Saturday or Sunday, (or really any day!) completely rested and energized. I still haven’t gotten over the feeling of waking up hangover-free day after day.

10:30am: Head out and start driving to our hike.

Ronnie and I drove about an hour away to hike in the more mountainous areas of Maine. I love taking mini road trips on the weekends, because even thought we don’t travel full-time anymore, I still have wanderlust like none other!

12:00pm: Get to the trailhead and start our hike.

This weekend, we hiked a smaller “mountain” (it’s about 1,300ft in elevation) called Douglas Mountain.

It’s a really awesome hike because even though it isn’t super high, you get some amazing views!

The summit at Douglas Mountain has a tower that you climb onto and you are able to see a ton of different mountains. However, this day the White Mountain range was getting some serious weather, so you couldn’t see the mountain range at all, just the mountains in the forefront.
The tower also looks out to Sebago Lake. It’s a HUGE lake (the second largest in Maine, in fact!) We had a great view of this.

I think I am so in love with hiking (and it’s been such a blessing in my sobriety) for a few reasons:

  1. It completely gets you out of your head and into the present moment, especially if it’s a difficult hike, or you have to pay extra attention to where you are going (like this hike. We got lost several times, so we had to troubleshoot multiple times! It kept us challenged!)
  2. It’s rewarding. Like I said, we got lost SEVERAL times on this hike, so when we FINALLY figured it out and made it to the summit, it felt SO GOOD! This is the type of high that I wanted to alcohol to give me, but really, nothing beats the natural high of figuring things out and working hard to make them happen.
  3. Nature is medicine. In a world where we are immersed in so many different things that aren’t “natural” or “real” (aka social media, the internet in general, etc.) getting back to the most basic parts of our humanity feels so good. I especially love winter hikes for the silence, brisk air and beautiful scenery.

3:30pm: Finish our hike, head back home and go get a late lunch at one of our favorite spots in Portland, Becky’s Diner.

7:00pm: Maine Red Claws Basketball game.

Ronnie plays rugby, and his team was doing a fundraiser at the basketball game that night.

I am not at all a sports fan, but this is what I love about sobriety–because I have had to find new ways of entertaining myself outside of alcohol, I have become more open to going to things like sporting events (or just more open to things in general!)

This basketball game was actually a lot of fun!

I *kind of* followed the game, but I loved dancing to all the music, watching the different games they played during breaks, and just being in a social environment.

#99 is Tacko Fall. He plays for the Red Claws, and is 7’7″!!

10:30pm: Home and eventually bed


8:00am: Wake up

9:00am: ZUMBA!!!!

Obligatory after-class selfie

Another one of my top-favorite things about sobriety is that I have all the energy in the world to wake up on the weekends and hit an early workout class!

I used to NEVER work out early on weekend mornings. I actually never worked out on the weekends. I never felt well enough to!

Now, I will get up early and hit a class, then go do brunch with friends, which is exactly what I did on this Sunday!

11:00am: After Zumba, I went out and had brunch with my girlfriend, and then we took a pretty walk and spent the afternoon chatting. It was just a nice way to just reset before I finished my Sunday rituals (you can read more about my Sunday routine here.)

The back bay of Portland, ME!

1:30pm: Got home, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, did laundry

4:00pm: Finished the rest of my Sunday planning ritual!

5:00pm: Another brisk, winter sunset walk! My favorite!

6:00pm: Watched TLC, made pasta, homemade garlic bread and salad

8:00pm: A little more TV, then bed!

So there you have it!

That’s a pretty typical weekend for me these days.

I love sharing this with you all because if you would have asked me pre-sober days how I spent my weekends, I would not have felt excited or fulfilled by any of it.


I look forward to my weekends more than anything. I’m proud of how I spend my weekends–not ashamed.

Weekends are my chance to explore different hobbies and passions. They are a time to learn more about myself. It’s my sacred time.

I hope you enjoyed this post–and I’d love to know how you spend your weekends and if any of this post has inspired you to switch things up a bit?

Love to you!



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