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55 things to do while in quarantine

Well…I just HAD to join the party and make my own quarantine “bucket list” with you all!

Even though we are in very weird times right now, being stuck at home for the unforeseeable future and not knowing what the next day will hold…

I, like a lot of other people, am seeing opportunity in this pause.

It’s like we have finally been pushed to make the space for all the things we constantly have on that running to-do list.

I personally am super excited for this time, and am actually so full of ideas that I’m not sure if I can even get to them all…and find time to binge Netflix, too (because, #quarantine!)

Before I jump into this, I want to make something clear:

This is not a post about how you should NOT be using this time to rest, reflect and restore in anyway you need.

No, not at all.

In fact, if you want to do absolutely none of this and just CHILL, I get it.

But I also know a lot of people are itching to clear space, learn new things about themselves and take this time to grow in different ways, so that is the intention of this list–to inspire just that.

My suggestion to you is do what you need…maybe take a few days, or even a few WEEKS to lay around if that is what you need.

And when you are feeling “ready” to move into action, I hope this list can maybe inspire you <3

So–here is my list of 55 ideas of how to spend your time during this quarantine!

  1. Read that book, finally
  2. Start that blog (and use this link to take the same amazing blogging course I did!)
  3. Clean out that drawer
  4. Deep clean your floors on your hands and knees
  5. Open up your windows and clean the dirt out of the space between the inside and the outside part of the window
  6. Go through your closet and get donations ready
  7. Reorganize the medicine cabinet (can you tell I like to clean and organize?!)
  8. Start a new form of exercise, or go back to something you used to love doing (for me, this is yoga!)
  9. START THAT BUSINESS (get on the waitlist for my business foundations course, Six-Figure Freedom by clicking here)
  10. Plan your summer vegetable garden..research seeds, plan your space out, etc. (Pinterest is great for this!)
  11. Pull out your old instrument and play again
  12. Order art from small art biz owners and spruce up your house
  13. Clean your oven/fridge/washer and dryer
  14. Organize your cabinets
  15. Get things ready for a garage sale
  16. Start meditating
  17. Start writing that book
  18. Go through old documents and receipts and decide what to do with them instead of acting like they don’t exist
  19. Order new bras and underwear and purge the old
  20. Make soups and freeze them
  21. Make cookies and freeze (or eat) them!
  22. Start a podcast
  23. Take a course (Biz owners, join the Six-Figure Freedom waitlist!!)
  24. Create a course
  25. Set up coffee dates with all of those friends that it’s been way too long
  26. Talk a short walk every day
  27. Start a gratitude practice
  28. Clean out your email inbox
  29. Make homemade face masks
  30. Check out new youtube channels
  31. Plan your next trip (it’s ok to do that right now!)
  32. Write thank you cards
  33. Check out places to volunteer once we can again
  34. Do research into day trips you can take in your state (again, once this calms down. It’s ok to dream!)
  35. Look up a slow flow/deep stretch/restorative/yin yoga class and indulge in pure relaxation
  36. Learn how to crochet, knit or do needlepoint
  37. Check out other crafts and see if you can order supplies off amazon to start
  38. Organize files on your computer
  39. Do a social media detox (unfollow/unfriend people and things that don’t bring you joy)
  40. Take a bath…or lots of them
  41. Do puzzles
  42. Paint your walls
  43. Paint a canvas
  44. Cook something new
  45. Watch “Tiger King” on Netflix (sorry, I had to)
  46. Support small fitness studios and buy some online classes with them
  47. Create a meal plan for the week
  48. Do a plank challenge
  49. Clean out your purse
  50. Wash your reusable grocery bags
  51. Do a brunch at home…go all out and make all your favorite foods!
  52. Support a local restaurant and get takeout
  53. Make a vision board
  54. Take a nap…daily
  55. Learn to listen to yourself and give yourself what you need <3

So there you have it!

Short, sweet (well, really, this is actually a lot of stuff, HAHA!)

I’d love to hear what out of this list you are going to put on your quarantine bucket list!

Tell me in the comments below…and hang in there 🙂



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