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How to pick the best social media platform for your business

Hey, everyone!

How ya doing?

It’s day 452,793 of quarantine, or something like that, and I can’t help but say it: I’M OVER IT!!!!

Now, I feel MORE than grateful that I am healthy, able to be at home and honestly…we are doing great other than being cooped up.

But I miss hiking…I miss coffee shops. I just miss stuff.

It’s all good. I’m keeping busy and I hope you are, too!

Actually…I’m keeping really busy!

I finally started my own Youtube channel (this is something I have been thinking about doing for a while!)

For now, I am focusing mainly on showing a behind-the-scenes of my sober life (because when I first got sober, I wanted to see what it was REALLY LIKE.)

If you want to check that out, go ahead and click here.

But back to today’s blog:

I wanted to write this post today because I get SO MANY PEOPLE asking me what the BEST social media platform is to grow their business.

And the answer is…it depends!

So today, in this post, I will be going through some different points to consider when you are deciding where to put your time and energy for your biz so that you see the best results possible.

Here we go!

First thing to consider: What platform do you like?!

This is always the first question I ask my clients:

What social platform is most enjoyable to you?

And even beyond the traditional Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, what other mediums do you enjoy?

Blogs? Youtube? Podcasts?

What feels good for you? What do you enjoy? And where are you already relatively consistent?

Start there.

I recommend committing yourself to the platform that you already find yourself on because it will feel more natural…and therefore, you will have an easier time being more consistent (because you are regularly on the platform anyways.)

Now, you might feel like you aren’t *really* consistent anywhere, which then brings me to my next point…

Unless you are extremely consistent, just pick one platform and stick to it

Most of my clients feel that they need to go be on EVERY platform when they start showing up for their business.

But the truth is, unless you are already extremely consistent, building consistency on multiple platforms is just going to be…hard.

Yes, you could copy and paste the same content to every platform you can think of (and for some clients, I tell them to repurpose to maybe another platform or two,) but doing that constantly is really just spreading yourself thin.

My suggestion is to pick one (and again, typically the one you enjoy most) and then just dedicate yourself to being fully there.

Once you get consistent on that platform (and it almost feels like autopilot,) you can move onto the next!

Create content in a way that feels good

So…you’ve picked your platform…NOW WHAT?!

Well, do what feels good.

But commit to it.

Things don’t translate well when your heart isn’t into it.

So if you really just don’t like writing, I wouldn’t making writing long posts on Facebook or a blog your thing.

But, if you love chatting with people, maybe do a podcast where you can do interviews. Or do coffee chats with guests on facebook.

Get creative here. Allow your mind to wander and see what would be fun for you.

There is truly no right or wrong…

The only thing you could do “wrong” is not show up consistently 😉 And if you aren’t doing things you love, you won’t show up.

So come up with a plan of how you will show up, create content and be visible and then…do it!

Some platforms are better than others for certain things

I can’t leave out this point:

Some platforms truly are better for certain businesses than others.

For example:

If you are a career coach, you 1000% want to be on LinkedIn because your clients are there! People are on that platform specifically to professional network.

If you are a photographer, Instagram is where you should be. The platform is visual, and essentially your aesthetic is what will sell for you.

There are a lot of businesses where quite a few platforms could apply, but ask yourself where your people may be, what they are looking for and also if there is a platform that makes the most sense for the work you do.

Keep it simple!

Whatever you do, my urge to you is this:


I get questions all the time about the “right” or “wrong” things to do when it comes to marketing your business.

But the truth is, there are very few things you could actually do “wrong” when it comes to promotion.

I will say this:

Do what feels true to you, not what you think you “should” be doing. When you are doing things out of “shoulds,” this is where we typically feel pushy.

Have fun with what you are doing.

Be consistent.

Get creative.

And don’t be afraid to switch things up when needed.

There is no rule book to marketing, and if someone tells you there is–they are full of crap! (hahaha!)

Decide your rules, and go for it.

Let me know what you’re taking from this post–I’d love to hear what you are going to go create!



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