How to build your confidence muscle with Gina Mo

Today in this episode I sit down with Gina Molinari, affectionately known as Gina Mo, the Messaging Maestro, a TedX speaking coach and speaker. She helps entrepreneurial-minded people communicate clearly, confidently, and authentically about themselves and their businesses so they can connect deeply with ideal clients and make a massive impact with their work. Gina Mo's unique background as a never-has-been opera singer coupled with her 10+ years of marketing and speaking experience gives her the ability to help others master their messaging in a way that's engaging while turning leads into clients.

Gina blows me away with her openness, vulnerability and confidence in this episode, but she didn’t always show up this way. I encourage you to listen to this episode if you struggle to feel fully confident in talking about your business--Gina gives us a fresh perspective that I know will inspire you to never hold back.

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