Post Traumatic Growth with Daniel Hutchison

Daniel is America’s leading expert on Post Traumatic Growth. Having served as a Combat Medic for the Army during the deadly troop surge of 2007 in Iraq, he has seen the dark side of going through a traumatic experience.

However, he has also seen the positive psychological changes that occurred in not only him, but his fellow veterans. That they were returning home as better parents, that they were closer with their Gods, that they were kinder and showed more compassion to society.

He began to study and teach about Post Traumatic Growth and found out that it wasn’t limited to only the military. That over 85% of people in this world will experience some sort of traumatic event in their lives and many will grow in positive ways from going through a not so positive experience.

He has dedicated his life to spreading awareness about Post Traumatic Growth in an effort to change the often negative stereotype that going through a traumatic experience means you are broken or some sort of diminished version of yourself.

Daniel is also a successful author of three books and has been featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, CNN, The Huffington Post, NPR, Bloomberg News, The New York Times and many more media outlets.

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