The mindset that might be KILLING your business

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Hey everyone, happy whatever day it is. I was going to say Monday, but I'm not even recording this on a Monday. I'm recording this to be released on a Monday and you might be listening to it any day of the week. So whatever date it is for you, happy day. Hope you're having a great day. I'm partially caffeinated and, it's actually kind of early in the morning, but I felt super inspired to get on here and share this with you guys. So we're going to do it and I'm going to get more caffeine after this for sure. By the way, I wanted to share with you guys just really quick, side note, totally not related at all to what we're talking about today. Um, but you guys know I'm a big Co. Well you might not know, but now you know I'm a huge coffee addict. I absolutely love coffee. Always have, always will.

I don't think I'm ever going to give it up. I know that's a thing a lot of people give up at some point, but I just don't know if I can do it. I've already given up alcohol. I gotta have my coffee, but the issue was, um, because you know that Ronnie and I travel full time. So we go from Airbnb to Airbnb, we call all over the country. And I am not a friend. I'm not a friend. I am not a fan of French presses. I, I don't know, I can never figure them out. I can never get it to taste right. Um, I feel like it has to sit there so long that the coffee gets cold and you guys might be listening right now. Like you're an idiot. French presses are amazing. You just don't know what you're doing. But for me, I just, I don't know.

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I don't like, um, I never have, even when I've had them done correctly, I don't really like the way it tastes. So I'm a good old g like, you know, $20 coffee pot kinda girl, like old school. Just simple way to do it. But the thing about that is we can't really carry one of those around them. And I guess we could, but it's kind of ridiculous and not every single place we go has it. And then another thing is I typically waste a lot of coffee with that because really for the coffee to taste good, you need to make like six cups to eight cups. And I do drink a lot of coffee, but I typically never finish all that. So anyways, what I finally got and I'm so excited about because so many nomads told me about this and I finally just bought it.

Sarah: (02:29)
It was only 30 bucks. I don't know why. I think I just thought, oh, it's going to change. Tastes like the French press is not going to be any good. Um, but it's something called the Aero Press and I fucking love this thing guys. It's like amazing. You just put, you just have to go by one to figure it all out. It's super simple though, but you just put your coffee in there and put some boiling water in there. It sits there for two minutes. You push the plunger down and you have a cup of coffee. It's an amazing cup of coffee every single time it's single serve. So you're wasting coffee. Get rid of your Keurig because you're killing the world. If you have one, it's so wasteful and that shit is expensive guys. Oh my gosh. I have been the Airbnb's and have Keurigs and I have to go get coffee for it.

Sarah: (03:11)
And I'm like, damn, these little pods are expensive. So get yourself a bag of coffee, get yourself an Arrow, press save the planet, save yourself money and have the best cup of coffee ever. No, this is not sponsored by aero press. Maybe I can see if they want to sponsor us, but I just had to share that with you guys. Fellow coffee lovers. I didn't know what I would think about it. Everybody kept telling me it's amazing. It's amazing. And they were right. So go check it out. But, and yeah, I guess I am a little bit more caffeinated than I thought, but I definitely want another cup still. So I'm popping on here really quickly because this is something that, um, it's really interesting, you know, if I have a client that's navigating something, if I have a client that's having an issue with something, it is never just them.

Sarah: (03:55)
It is always the whole collective. It is always basically all of my clients in some way, shape or form. And not even just my clients, but like my peers and maybe even myself a lot of times like I am going through some interpretation of what my clients are going through. Right? It might just kind of be like a different level of that struggle. Um, but nothing is random, right? We are all so connected. We are all reflections and mirrors of one another. And so whenever I see something come up for one of my clients, it's just a matter of time that I'm hearing it from other clients. And this has been the theme and it's so interesting because, I don't know, it's just something that, um, it's just something that I guess I haven't really thought of. And it's so interesting because it's such an obvious thing that we need to talk about and I don't know, it just hasn't been front of mind for me.

Sarah: (04:56)
And now that a lot of my clients have been bringing it up, it's a huge eye opener as to how important this conversation is to have and how, if you are in this mindset that I'm going to talk about, you're really gonna struggle to build a business until you shift out of it. And so don't worry, I'm going to dig in. I'm going to tell you my 2 cents, I'm going to help you shift out of it. But this is something that is coming up more than I realized and I'm just really excited that I now see it now know that it's actually a thing and we get to talk about it, right? That's the beauty of the show is we get to just unfiltered talk about stuff. And so I can't even remember the first client that this really came up with, but I, I, she's really struggling and Oh yes, I know exactly how this came up.

Sarah: (05:51)
So I have a client that's struggling and you know, I that I could be worried that that makes me feel bad or it makes me look bad. Right? It's the reality guys. Like there's a whole lot of business owners out there that are putting stuff out on social media and acting like everything's fine, but, but it's not, and I love to say, let's strip it away, let's call it as it is. Because if we can do that and go down to bare bones and just like get naked and get raw with it, then we can rebuild and then we can actually build a solid foundation and rebuild. Right? So I am always just about being completely honest with where people are at and saying that you're really struggling and that you're not making money and you're freaking out and you're stressed. That's a beautiful thing because then what we can do is start dissecting even farther and figure out what exactly might be going on. So this particular client was really struggling and um, you know, she said to me at one point, she's like, well, I'm not. She goes, I'm not a business owner yet. This is just a hobby for me, and that was huge. That was such an eye opener to me. And since she said that I have had multiple other people say that same thing to me. And again, this is something that I haven't really given a lot of attention to and yes, we hear all the time as your business a business or is it a hobby? How are you treating it? But I never really thought that people that were working towards something didn't consider their business a business until they made this amount of money, had these many clients. And you know, going back that many years ago to when I was in the beginnings of my business, like with pure romance as a direct sales business. I mean that was over seven years ago. I really can't pinpoint how I felt. I really can't. And so I don't want to speak to that because I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if I felt this way. But I will tell you what shifted back then for me in a few minutes because I think that's important to talk about. Um, but basically this theme has started to come up that people, a lot of my clients and a lot of business owners in general don't fully feel like an actual legit business owner. They might say, I'm a business owner, I'm an entrepreneur, but like deep down, if I just full on, ask them, do you feel like a business owner? Do you actually feel like you own a legitimate business? They're telling me no.

Sarah: (08:36)
That's huge because we go back to this idea of act as if, right? Act as if you are the business owner you want to be. But if you don't feel like you're a business owner, then there's no way in hell you're acting like one and you're showing up like the one that you want to be in. That is the mindset issue that will hold you back until you work through it. You navigate it and you shift it. It doesn't matter how many strategies I give you a doesn't matter. You know how much we plan. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how many money mindset mantras you say, if you don't consider yourself a legitimate business that takes transactions, right? So you get transactions, you get money and you deliver services, and if you really don't see yourself as a business entity that is doing business, that has frequent transactions coming in, that has clients that sending invoices, that has a professional process, that has, you know, procedures to the way they do things.

Sarah: (09:44)
If you don't operate in that way, and if you don't think of yourself in that way, and this is like, Hey, I'm all disorganized as it's just kind of my hobby. Let's play around. Let me pop on Facebook and see what I can do. Let me try this. Let me try that. And you're coming just willy nilly about it and you're not really waking up every day with intention, with focus and with this feeling of I am running a business. Even if you're making $0 million, if you don't feel like this, the money will never come. Because again, it's that act as if you can not get the energy you want when you hit that energy. Everybody thinks that. They're like, let me just wait until I make six figures in my business and then I'll feel like a legitimate business owner, but that's not how this works.

Sarah: (10:30)
That's just not how this works. You must act as if you must play into that energy now. You must be that person. Now you must show up as that person. Now, even if you are making $0 million because when you don't consider yourself a real business owner, it lets you off the hook. You don't have to stick to a strict schedule. You don't have to have deadlines and goals and projects that you're working on and systems and procedures and you don't have to feel that pressure of sending invoices and waiting for the payment and actually having clients that, hey, they might not be happy with you. That's scary, right? All those things. I think that's why sometimes it's easier for us to play and hang out in Hobby Lander and I'm just kinda trying to figure this out land because then if we don't ever fully step in, if we don't ever fully do the thing, then nobody can complain. Nobody can be mad at us, nobody can be late on their payment. We can never be unclear of what to do with a client. You know all those things, right? All those scary things that we think about can never happen if we don't actually do it. But this is where we get stack. And so my encouragement to you is start looking at how can I start showing up as a business owner and not just somebody that's kind of waiting around to see,

Sarah: (11:54)
hey, what am I going to start making some money and then I'll feel like a business owner. No, you have to start being that business owner now because in order to build a business, you have to build the foundation and the foundation is on a solid business foundation. It is on systems, structures, procedures, and guys, I am not saying that you can't have flow and you can't have fun and you can't make this yours, but a legitimate business owner that can live off of their business, has procedures, has processes, has an invoicing system, has a contract. That's huge. I'm seeing so many people with no contract, they're afraid to send people contracts. That's so serious. Well, yeah, but guess what? Legitimate businesses like to protect themselves legally. So I don't know where you're playing, right, but legitimate businesses like to protect themselves. This is, I'm, I know I'm kind of getting real with you guys, but how are you treating yourself?

Sarah: (12:52)
How are you treating your business? Are you treating it legitimately? Another thing legitimate business owners do, they plan. They have a marketing plan. They know how they're going to spend every day of their week, and that can mean you're taking the day off. I'm not saying that you have to work every single day. I'm saying you go into the week and you go, I'm taking Friday, Saturday, Sunday off, and so Monday through Thursday I'm doing this, this, this, this. It's all leading into this greater goal, this greater plan. But when you're just kind of in this hobby mindset, when you're just kind of playing this as when you're like, well, hmm, let's Wednesday, let me wake up. Let me see what I feel like doing. A lot of people might think this is the definition of flow. No, this is not the definition of flow. This is definition of playing. I'm not really stepping into your business owner role and here's the thing.

Sarah: (13:44)
Flow is so in flow and feeling good and alignment is so incorporated into my business and the way that that looks is I have a plan for my entire week, right? I know what I need to get done. I know the week or the time that I have, but I give a little bit of flexibility. I give a little bit of, um, just a little bit of flexibility, right? A little bit of space to kind of play around with timing if I need to. So what I'm always doing is that if I know, if I have to work on something very creative, right? Like maybe I'm doing a podcast or maybe I'm writing content, I'll know that I have time to maybe go work out beforehand or take a hike or take a walk, get myself into that good feeling place so I can show up and really be in that flow state.

Sarah: (14:33)
But I still am treating myself like a business owner and guys, when you are being all willy nilly about it and just kind of playing around, I know you can say that this is what you're looking for, this freedom, this flow, but you're not respecting yourself because at the end of the day, if you're not making money, if you're not with clients, if you're not hitting your goals, you don't have freedom because you're not doing the things you want to do. You're just it. As we'll look at me, I don't have anything holding me back. I don't have anything holding me down, but you're, you can only be there for so long. If you're not making money and you're not making progress, we can have both guys. You can make great money, have a legitimate business that is set up in a way where you are legally protected, so you're not worried about that.

Sarah: (15:24)
You are getting payments reoccurring because you have a system that's set up to give you reoccurring payments so you have money coming in and a consistent basis. You have clients that are showing up consistently. You're showing up consistently for them because you have a schedule and a system for that. Everything is flowing well and when you know what is reliable and your business, meaning what you can rely on as far as what you need to do and what you can rely on from your clients and what you can rely on financially, that's where the freedom comes from. That's where you go, Hey, I know I'm bringing in this much money this month and so I get to emotionally free myself from that burden of being scared about finances because when you're just flowing day to day, let me see what I can do today that is not reliable.

Sarah: (16:12)
That is, let me try to hustle today and figure out how to pay my bills today. Whereas you can go into the month and go, I'm not worried about that. I have it all set up. I know the money that's coming in. It's more than enough. Everybody is set up in a way, in a system that they're comfortable with and you know they're getting the support they need from me and vice versa. Like, or you know, I'm getting the consistency from them, right? I mean that's what happens when you set up systems in your business. When you get people to sign contracts and you signed the contract as well, right? I mean, here's the thing guys. A contract is not a punishment to a client. A contract is saying, you are agreeing to pay me this much and I am agreeing to show up in this way.

Sarah: (16:57)
And when you do that, it is this energetic agreement that we're both going to do this. And so you know that they're going to pay you and they know you're going to show up. And that's where the stress is alleviated. Because if you're like, hey, just Venmo me 100 bucks and we'll do a coaching session. That is so ridiculous. You really want to live your life like that. That is so like, what if they don't Venmo you right? What if they cancel? What if, I mean there's just nothing there. There's no structure, there's no boundary, there's nothing. And you need to respect yourself more than that because guess what? I don't want to work with somebody who operates a business like that. I actually just reached out to a coach ration recently that I deeply admire this person. I would love to work with this person, but to work with them.

Sarah: (17:46)
You Venmo them money, there's absolutely contract they have so I mean if they just didn't show up for my sessions, there was nothing that I could do because we haven't signed a contract, so I would just be sending them money and hoping that they show up and yes, would they probably show up. I would like to think yes, I would, but the reality is that is not a safe container and I don't want to be a part of that. I want to be in a container where I know I'm working with somebody that treats themselves in their business professionally. Legitimately, they have systems in place to know that everything is working well for both parties and when you treat your business like that, that is when you make great money. You're not stressed out 24 seven oh my gosh, is this person going to Venmo me?

Sarah: (18:38)
Oh my gosh, is this person going to pay me? Oh my God, are they going to show up to their session? No. You know it's all been taken care of and guess what? If they don't end up paying you or whatever, there's a process to that, right? Because you have a contract, you have an agreement, and you can go into that process and not scaring you. That doesn't honestly happen that much because you've already had this energetic agreement and most people are going to hold up on that and if they don't, there's a whole process you can take them through. And so my encouragement to you here is really to look at how are you waking up every day? Are you waking up knowing the systems in your business? And guys, this is not complicated like the systems in my business are. If you want to work with me, you get sent a contract, you, you sign the contract, I send the contract, then you pay your first deposit or you pay in full however you want.

Sarah: (19:34)
Then you get access to my calendar. That's the system. That's it. But it alleviate so much stress because instead of trying to figure out every single time, well what should I do? Like you know, they haven't been mowed me yet. Should I send them my schedule? And then you send them your schedule before they've paid you and then they book all these times and then they do their times and then they still haven't paid you and then it feels weird and awkward to approach them. That is so much emotional energy and just, Oh, you do not want to waste your energy on that guys. You want to just know your system, make it, make it clear, make it professional, make sure it works and then stick to it because that is energy that you need to be spending somewhere else. And then again, how are you waking up every day?

Sarah: (20:16)
Are you waking up with a plan? Are you waking up knowing what your goals are for that day? Are you waking up knowing what your action steps are? And if you're really feeling stuck as to what you need to be doing in your business, it's time to get some support around that. It is time to hire a coach, join a program, and not just any old course or program and is time to join something or hire somebody that's going to help you figure out what those action steps need to be. So then you can go into everyday intentionally knowing how you're spending your time, knowing how you're spending energy. That's how a business owner thinks. They know what's happening months ahead of time, they know what's happening in their present day and they know what's happening in a month. And if you're not sure what's happening tomorrow, that again is expending so much energy that you simply don't have time for.

Sarah: (21:05)
You simply do not have the space to waste your energy on trying to figure out how should I try to make money today? Business owners don't think like that. Business owners have plans of how they're going to bring in revenue, and if you don't have a plan of how you're going to bring in revenue, that's a huge issue. And the last thing is how do you talk to yourself guys? How do you treat yourself? Do you say I'm a business owner, or do you say, well, I'm trying out this thing and then ask yourself, do I really believe I'm a business owner guys? That's the shift. Back to what I was saying when I started my first business with pure romance, that's the shift that changed everything for me. I started showing up like I was at six figure earner. I wanted to be so even though I had mainly hand me down clothes or clothes from the thrift store, I woke up every day.

Sarah: (21:50)
I put on a nice outfit, I did my hair, I did my makeup, I went into my office, I sat at my desk and I worked and half the time I don't even know if the shit I was trying was gonna work, but I had a plan. I'm not saying that it has to be the right plan or the perfect plan. There's no such thing as the right or perfect plan. There's so many things that you're going to try that aren't going to work and that's okay, but I knew what I was working on. I knew what I was trying and I showed up every day and I worked right. I held myself to a schedule and I was intentional with how I was spending that day and I knew what my week looked like because that to me was what a business owner was. It was somebody that knew how they were spending their time was planning and and how to plan for what they were going to do with their time.

Sarah: (22:39)
That builds freedom, making money, having things that work, making progress is freedom. Lolly gagging around and not having any intention every day might feel like freedom for a few weeks, especially if you just quit your job or you're not really used to that, but when you're not making money and you're not actually doing the work that you want to be doing, that's not freedom and you know that. So this kind of temporary high, oh of I'm free, I can just wander around. It will feed. But what will last is a business that pays you like a business that is consistent, that is reliable, that is profitable. That is something that will last. We'll grow and continue to give you more and more and more levels of freedom. Love you guys. Yes.

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