Lost SAHM to thriving artist and biz owner with Cassie Everson-Martin

Cassie's journey from feeling like a lost SAHM and ex-retail worker to global art entrepreneur happened quickly when she began to fully lean into her faith, and understand that God makes no mistakes when he gives you talents to bless the world with. After ignoring the same idea that ate away at her for well over two years, she began, and never turned back.

Two years, 5 countries, and over 230 art pieces made with buffalo and longhorn skulls later, Cassie is on a mission to create incredible legacy art pieces that will inspire and elevate any space in your home. But more than that, she has found the need to help other artists (especially mothers) break the "broken artist" mindset and set out to use their unique talents, and understand their worth. Cassie is dedicated to helping break the barriers of old belief that too often take place in the mind of artistic creatives.

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