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“Before working with Sarah I had absolutely no strategy and direction on how to grow my business. I had clients that were inconsistent, and short term which led to inconsistent income and so much frustration. Since working with Sarah my life has literally flipped upside down. I have received solid strategy and direction on how to build, and grow my business from the ground up. In 3 months of working with Sarah I went from inconsistent clientele to committed clients eager for deep transformational change. I went from having nearly zero dollars in the bank to making nearly $15,000 of consistent income that will last for several months. My heart is so grateful for not just taking a chance on myself, but taking a chance on Sarah. She is truly gifted in her work and comes from a place of authenticity; a quality that I will always invest in.”

—Erin Hindel, Resilience Coach,


Since working with Sarah, my biggest breakthrough has been learning to value my work, and own it when I present myself to potential clients. The number doesn't really matter. If a potential client can see that value, and really wants it they will find a way to afford it. What's surprised me is how making seemingly small changes can make a big difference. It's not like you have to overhaul the whole thing, just making tweaks can yield big results. Since working with Sarah, I have gone from booking maybe 1 client every 6 months, to having 10 clients booked out at one time. I began seeing results from the very beginning. I would recommend any female small business owner work with Sarah, especially in the beginning stages of their business. She has so much knowledge for someone who is trying to learn the ins and outs of building an audience and client base.

— Jessica Wharton, Artistic Photographer

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Before I started working with Sarah, I was struggling to get a consistent income and build a package that really made a difference for my clients. I had no idea how to communicate my offerings or even be confident in what my business was all about.

After just 2 weeks of Sarah's guidance, between her sales call strategy and her program building techniques, I landed my first perfect client, who I plan to continue nurturing a long-term relationship with for years to come.

—Mary T., Transformational Event Planner

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Sarah helped me get clarity about what I was selling and to whom - and how to truly connect with them. Her support and encouragement, and her willingness to share some of her own experiences growing her business, have bolstered me through the inevitable anxiety of entrepreneurship. (And she has great hair!)

—Ruth, Wedding Officiant and Ceremonial Celebrant

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At first, I was reluctant to work with Sarah simply because it was a big price commitment. I literally did not have room in my budget and had to use a credit card for the first payment. However, since we started working together, I gained confidence in myself and renewed a balls-to-the-wall type of attitude where I took charge of my future in a way that I hadn’t before. Now I can say since we have worked together, I've quit my JOB!! I'm not a full time entrepreneur, livin that #photoglife. I would refer clients to Sarah that need a push in confidence, or if something is holding them back. You were definitely instrumental in my mindset shifts and that go getter attitude.

— Kristin Gibson, Boudoir and Wedding Photographer,,


When I first thought about working with Sarah, I was afraid to spend more money on my business, and at the same time I knew that I needed help. I have a lot of acumen in administration and personnel management, but I have no working knowledge of how to run/promote a business. Thank goodness I saw the light! Since working with Sarah, I have had several breakthroughs. I consulted an attorney at her advice and now have a working contractual process. I started holding events that allow me to demonstrate my expertise and helpfulness. I know how to conduct a sales call. All of this resulted in 2 high-end paying clients (under contract with me) in just under 6 months. My business income grew 600% in 6 months. That's HUGE! I definitely recommend working with Sarah if you need help and don’t mind a little profanity ;)

—Sarah McGrew, Personal Stylist for Women,

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